What is a Dedicated Leased Line?


Every business depends on the internet. But increasingly, as their digital demands have grown, many businesses are finding their connectivity solution is holding them back.

In the fast-paced world of business, your internet connection shouldn’t be a bottleneck. So, if you’re looking to wave goodbye to unreliable speeds, data congestion and frustrating downtime, then maybe it’s time to say hello to a Dedicated Leased Line.

So, what is a Dedicated Leased Line?

A Dedicated Leased Line is an internet connection that’s reserved exclusively for your business. This means that you don’t share it with anyone else and the bandwidth is all yours. No lags or fluctuations – just guaranteed speeds up to 10Gb/s and ultra-reliable connectivity straight to your business premises.

What’s the difference between a Dedicated Leased Line and other internet connections?

The main difference between a Dedicated Leased Line and fibre and broadband connections is that a leased line is ‘uncontended’. With a contended connection, the bandwidth is shared across multiple users, which results in slower speeds, especially during peak times when demands on the network increase. In contrast, uncontended connectivity via a Dedicated Leased Line provides exclusive access to bandwidth, ensuring you get the speeds you pay for, 24/7.

What are the advantages of a Dedicated Leased Line?

Uninterrupted connectivity and guaranteed speeds enables seamless integration with the latest high-bandwidth, cloud-based services that are essential to businesses of all sizes.

What’s more, a Dedicated Leased Line boasts symmetrical upload and download speeds, which means that it’s fully equipped to handle large data files. This means you can upload files as easily and quickly as you download them. So if you’re a business that hosts its own website, backs up data or shares large files, it’s internet that has the resilience to support these functions.

Symmetrical upload and download speeds are also beneficial to multi-site businesses, or businesses that have remote or hybrid working in place. Regardless of location, users can access the same connection to share files and collaborate seamlessly.

Another advantage of a Dedicated Leased Line is its VoIP (Voice over IP) support. You can unlock crystal-clear, lag-free video and voice calls to communicate with customers and colleagues. And with a range of different speeds available – from 100Mb/s to 1Gb/s to 10Gb/s – you can scale your connection in line with your business growth, allowing you to choose the most suitable connection for the size and requirements of your business and adjust accordingly.

What sort of business is a Dedicated Leased Line suitable for?

At TalkTalk Business, we’re experts in Leased Lines and provide dedicated connectivity to a broad range of businesses, ranging from sole traders, like i90, to multi-site operations like Five Guys.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, regardless of industry or operational size, if your business demands high-bandwidth, reliable connectivity, a Dedicated Leased Line is the ideal solution.

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