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Our dedicated Sales and Customer Services teams are standing by to help connect you up to the best package for your business needs or straighten out any crossed wires. Simply choose the right option for you:


Business Fibre & Broadband

0808 250 2401

Open 8am-6.30pm - Monday-Friday


Dedicated Leased Lines

0808 250 2432

Open 8am-6.30pm - Monday-Friday


All other solutions

0808 250 2432

Open 8am-6.30pm - Monday-Friday

Customer Services

Small Business Customers

0800 083 3003

Or chat now

Open 8am-8pm - 7 days a week

Customer Services

Enterprise Customers

0808 250 2461

Open 8am-6pm - Monday-Friday


Customer Experience Team

0161 222 2142

Open 9am - 5pm, Mon-Fri


Suspicious activity

Concerned about suspicious activity on your account or network such as spam or phishing? Email us and let our experts look into it for you.

Report spam or phishing


For small business complaints, you can contact our Customer Experience team (details above).

Or find out more by downloading our Small Business Complaints Code

Press & media enquiries

For all media enquiries, please contact the Press Office. For more information on the TalkTalk Group, please visit the Group website

Contact Press Office

Call Blocking Queries

We take our customers' security very seriously. We may block calls and stop certain telephone numbers calling our customers if we have concerns they may be spam or nuisance calls. We're also required by law to block invalid telephone numbers that you cannot call.

If you've tried to call one of our customers on more than one occasion and think you've been incorrectly blocked, get in touch with us at CLIQuery@talktalkplc.com. We'll need you to tell us the number you were trying to dial and why you think your number should not be blocked. We'll then investigate and let you know the outcome. Any personal data you provide will only be used to resolve the query. To find out more about how we process and protect personal data, please view our Privacy Policy.

Please be aware that if you hear the message "the person you are calling has blocked your number", we won't unblock it as this indicates our customer has blocked it on our CallSafe platform.

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