Unified communications as a service, explained


Unified communications (UC) is a term to describe the integration of multiple Enterprise-grade communication tools – such as voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging (IM), presence, content sharing, etc. – into a single, streamlined interface, with the goal of improving user experience and productivity.

In today’s digital-first world, the way we work is constantly evolving, and businesses need a means of communication that allows them to keep up with the demands of their customers, the needs of their employees and other external factors. UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is a future-proofed, subscription-based voice, collaboration and contact centre services delivered with the extra security of private cloud.

Key benefits of UCaaS

It’s a complete service

UCaaS is a flexible and feature-rich service, supporting much more than just call in and out. It can be integrated for a full contact centre supporting voice, email, WhatsApp, TikTok, socials and webchat, as well as secure, PCI-compliant connections for payments. UCaaS offers complete control on how you interact with your customers, giving your business the flexibility required to anticipate and accommodate every one of your customers’ needs.

Third-party integrations

Integrate with MS Teams and CRM systems like Salesforce, to get the data, insight and effortless collaboration that’s become table stakes in modern business. UCaaS allows you to bring in tools to enhance your current set up as well as seamlessly working with existing platforms you may have in place.

Omnichannel communications

Create seamless, cohesive and user-friendly interactions across all your channels. UCaaS lets you personalise sales or marketing communications, to deliver more engaging experiences for your customers and drive sales.

As well as traditional voice agents, UCaaS can handle omnichannel agents who manage SMS, chat and email interactions with customers. Perfect for businesses that engage with customers frequently.

Collaborate anywhere

Being able to bring teams together with file sharing, conferencing, messaging, screen sharing and more, collaboration is the heart of UCaaS. Colleagues can work on the same documents in real time, provide instant feedback and share ideas, regardless of location. The ability to do this remotely or across offices, means you can create an efficient working environment, anywhere.

No up-front costs

With fully predictable costings through monthly subscription service, you can benefit from solutions that are easy to budget for, while avoiding significant upfront costs.

Extra layer of security

Using private cloud, UCaaS can support hybrid/flexible working models while still providing an extremely secure service. This additional layer of security and control means you know precisely who can access your information and significantly reduces the chances of a data breach.

UCaaS from TalkTalk Business

UCaaS is the feature-rich solution to your communication and collaboration challenges, providing a service which future proofs your business. It's flexible enough to cater to all working styles, meaning you can support your employees and meet your business needs. No matter where your teams are based, UCaaS unlocks seamless, secure communication and collaboration for your people.

And when you choose UCaaS from TalkTalk Business, you know you’re working with the experts. TalkTalk Business has a longstanding relationship with Mitel, the global leader for Enterprise communication, and is proud to be a Mitel Platinum Partner.

If you’re looking to transition to an industry-leading cloud-based UC platform, then TalkTalk Business is the ideal choice. We’ll work closely with you to provide a bespoke solution to meet the unique needs of your operation. And we’ll make sure it’s fully integrated with your other systems, giving you the data, insight and easy collaboration that makes business more efficient.

We’ll then manage your system remotely, ensuring it’s always secure, updated and giving you the best possible experience.

You can find out more about our UCaaS offering here.

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