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Vets Now provides out-of-hours emergency care to over 1,500 veterinary practices across the UK. Its team treat around 170,000 small animals annually, and provide more referrals to small animal practices than anyone else. But its bandwidth capacity and service issues were affecting its customers.

The challenge

Vets Now didn’t have sufficient bandwidth to effectively support its 2,000 staff and the 1,000 digital devices they used to do their job. And when the pandemic struck, this presented further challenges. Customer demand for the ‘Video Vet’ chat service increased significantly, with pet owners mostly unable to access on-site facilities. To protect customers and staff, Vets Now needed to adopt a remote working model and turned to TalkTalk Business for a solution.

The solution

TalkTalk Business recommended a business-wide Mitel Hosted Voice telephony platform and delivered it in just three months. Due to remote working and surging customer demand for the ‘Video Vet’ chat service, TalkTalk Business quadrupled Vets Now’s bandwidth capacity to support growing usage.

With a new business communication platform in place - supporting messaging, conferencing, collaboration and apps – staff could now work remotely while managing calls more effectively.

The outcome

Vets Now has an effective remote working strategy in place. With its new Mitel’s MiVoice Business communications platform, it’s creating better experiences for employees and customers, while reducing its costs.

And, perhaps most remarkably, this was implemented during the pandemic in an impressively short timeframe.

"TalkTalk Business was able to step up and deliver a work from home solution across our infrastructure, implementing a series of upgrades that would have usually taken 18 months to two years, and delivering them in just three months. This ensured we had additional network capacity and capabilities, which was invaluable when providing services through COVID."

Niall Phillips, Director of Technology, Vets Now

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