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Tarmac Building Products is a division of Tarmac, the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and constructions solutions business. Seeking to streamline customer interactions, Tarmac needed a multi-channel solution to enable customers to interact with the business in the way they wanted.

The challenge

With its previous contact centre solution, much of the reporting and analytics was done manually – a time-consuming process. Customers were also increasingly using email to contact sales and support teams rather than phone, meaning a new approach was required to meet their needs. And to complicate matters further, any solution would have to accommodate employees working from home. Tarmac Building Products reached out to TalkTalk Business.

The solution

TalkTalk Business recommended a more modern and sophisticated Mitel Unified Communications solution, which included the analytics and reporting capabilities needed, and multi-channel functionality. And with home working licenses, staff could work remotely during the pandemic. The solution also overcame the challenges faced by staff working at operational sites like quarries. During extreme weather, connectivity problems could occur, but with Mitel Unified Communications staff could access the company system from a smartphone app, meaning fixed line connectivity was no longer required.

The outcome

Tarmac Building Products now has increased visibility over its communications and a clearer understanding of the customer journey. Managers are able to analyse call centre data to measure productivity and inform strategy, while email integration into their case management processes has enhanced the overall customer experience.

"Whenever I’ve needed their support, TalkTalk Business has been able to come in and show me the product and help me with my decisions. With the support of TalkTalk Business, Tarmac’s contact centre will continue to become increasingly responsive, data-driven and agile."

Nikki Sampson, Commercial Excellence Manager, Tarmac Building Products

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