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Society1 provides fully flexible workspaces and meeting rooms to individuals and remote teams looking for a base to work from or to take a break from working at home. Many of Society1’s customers are high-bandwidth users, so a reliable, ultrafast internet connection is vital to ensure customer retention and satisfaction.

The challenge

When its workspaces are fully utilised, the number of devices that Society1’s network needs to accommodate can run into the triple digits. With a growing customer base and ambitions to expand operations further, when Society1 learned its previous provider was going into liquidation, they were justifiably concerned and turned to TalkTalk Business.

The solution

Understanding how important connectivity was to the credibility of the business, TalkTalk Business made sure that Society1’s internet connection was not interrupted while a new solution was developed.

Following close consultations to understand Society1’s exact needs, TalkTalk Business recommended a 1Gbps Dedicated Leased Line, with a Fibre to the Cabinet back up connection. Impressed by the quality of service, Society1 went ahead with the recommendation.

The outcome

Society1 now has the ideal connectivity solution in place to deliver a fantastic experience to all its customers. Members have noticed an improvement in speed and reliability of the connectivity, while Brendan acknowledges the quality of the network has increased the credibility of Society1's service.

“I’m absolutely confident in our network now. Previously, it was ok, with 50-60 people in the building at once, but we’d constantly worry if the Wi-Fi was starting to strain. Now we have the bandwidth to guarantee high speeds to hundreds of devices on the network, no matter what.”

Brendan King, Owner, Society1

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