Man sitting at a desk, using a laptop with the CEX logo in the middle of the image. The image has a grey overlay except for the cex logo.

Sausage Dog Entertainment Ltd is a franchised operation of CeX, the world’s leading technology and entertainment specialist. It operates a number of retail stores under the CeX brand across the UK and needs a robust internet connection to perform everyday, essential business tasks.

The challenge

Sausage Dog use cloud-based services, and had started to experience outages on a regular basis. This made it harder for staff to do their jobs effectively and created a poor experience for customers. To prevent phone calls from dropping mid-conversation and to enable teams to work on shared documents at all times, Sausage Dog needed a robust internet connection that they could depend on.

The company also shares its headquarters with a separate business, and both operations are dependent on internet connectivity for daily tasks, so a strong, stable connection with the bandwidth to meet their needs is essential.

Sausage Dog reached out to TalkTalk Business for help.

The solution

TalkTalk Business recommended a 100Mbps Dedicated Leased Line combined with an Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) back-up service for increased resiliency. Sausage Dog wanted the solution to be delivered within a specific timeframe, and TalkTalk Business pulled out all the stops to ensure the installation occurred within the deadline.

The outcome

Since adopting the Dedicated Leased Line, Sausage Dog has experienced 100% uptime and no peak-time slow-down. The on-site team can communicate with remote workers and commercial partners with crystal-clear audio and video calling. And Sausage Dog now has a solution that can grow in line with the evolving needs of the business.

"Our service hasn’t dropped off once! Now, we have a reliable connection that helps us to maintain commercial relationships and make the right first impression, every time. There’s a definite improvement in the speed and quality of the connection too."

Carl Brown, Director, Sausage Dog

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