Renowned British beer and pub company Fuller’s operates close to 400 pubs and pub hotels, delivering a variety of popular beers including London Pride, Chiswick Bitter and 1845. The business needed to connect multiple sites securely and consistently, at the same time as cutting costs, simplifying support procedures and rationalising suppliers.

The challenge

Credit and debit card transactions – and contactless payments – are fundamental to daily operations. Fuller’s required rock-solid connectivity to manage hotel bookings, ordering online and payroll. Improving bandwidth at key locations was also important, and a reliable network at an affordable price, essential.

The solution

TalkTalk Business recommended a joined-up, cost-effective solution which included data and telephony over a highly robust connection. This would make administration easier, as well as help to rationalise the company’s supplier base. And with downtime during migration kept to a minimum, Fuller’s was able to upgrade all its sites to faster and more resilient Ethernet connectivity with little disruption.

The outcome

Fuller’s can now deliver telephone access centrally to any of its locations, as well as offer secure connectivity to all its sites, so facilities and staff across the UK can be linked seamlessly. The business has the stable, scalable network it needed to manage multiple sites and applications effectively and securely. And with TalkTalk Business providing enterprise-grade support 24/7, Fuller’s can rest assured that any faults will be fixed before they impact operations, and move into the future with confidence.

“The new solution is much more robust and stable, which is a great reassurance. And because TalkTalk Business is constantly monitoring the network, I have added peace of mind.”

Jared Knight, Service and IT Operations Manager, Fuller’s

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