The New Need for Speed


Many very small offices and one- or two-person businesses have been getting by with a standard broadband connection for years. They’ve never upgraded from all-copper internet because they’ve never felt the need. 

That’s perfectly understandable. Why fix what isn’t broken? There’s very little difference between the price of standard copper and fibre internet these days, but even a couple of extra pounds can seem like too much if you don’t need the extra speed. 

Despite that, if your business still relies on a standard connection, we advise you to think about upgrading to fibre internet. You might not think your business will benefit from the change, but it almost certainly will. Read on and we’ll tell you why. 

Fibre and copper: there’s a big difference

So, what’s so great about fibre? Well, for a start, it’s quick. With Simply Business Fibre from TalkTalk Business, you get superfast speeds of up to 76Mbps. That compares to top speeds of up to 18Mbps for our Simply Business Broadband product, which is an all-copper service. 

Also, the general rule is that the more fibre there is in your connection, the more reliable it will be. An ADSL connection (also known as MPF) is the standard broadband service that uses copper wires all the way from the internet to your premises. 

TalkTalk Business’ entry-level fibre service is Simply Business Fibre – also known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) – which gives you a good idea of what it’s made of. It uses fibre optic cables from the internet to your local street exchange, and then hops on to copper wire for just the last part of the journey to your premises. 

Fibre is a lot faster and more resilient than copper, so the more of it your connection contains, the better. 

Fibre is the future 

So that’s the ‘what’, but what about the ‘why’? Fibre may be an inherently more advanced technology, but if you don’t need it, well, you don’t need it. 

Except, maybe you do. Even after the pandemic is behind us, more work is likely to be carried out remotely. At the same time, customers expect smoother digital interactions, seamless e-commerce and superfast cashless payments. 

Your employees and clients expect to be able to video conference, which could save you a lot of money compared to face-to-face meetings. More and more services are being moved to the cloud – from Office 365 to your accountancy software – so they can be accessed anywhere and on any device. 

All of which puts pressure on bandwidth, and there’s more to come. The ISDN switch-off in 2025 will force all companies to replace landlines with IP (i.e. internet-based) telephony. That’s still a few years away, but BT will stop selling new landlines much sooner. 

In other words, the technology landscape is moving more and more towards fibre. More services are going online. Mobile workforces need cloud apps. Customers expect digital communications. Business that dig their heels in against these innovations may find that their competitors won’t. 

Switching is simple 

In many ways, the question isn’t ‘why switch?’, it’s ‘why not?’. As we said earlier, there’s very little difference in price these days between ADSL and Superfast Fibre, despite the significant increase in speed and reliability. That’s because providers (including us) want to move customers onto fibre, which is simply more resilient and less prone to developing faults. 

So, as well as making switching cost-effective, we’ve also made it easy. With TalkTalk Business, there’s no connection fee on a 24-month Superfast Fibre connection, which also includes our best ever Business Wi-Fi Hub 2(£9.95 P&P) to help you maximise speeds. You’ll also get WorkSafe, an industry-leading network security package. 

There’ll also be little or no downtime on the day of the switchover, and we’ll make sure any disruption to your business is kept to an absolute minimum. To be honest, most businesses barely notice the changeover – but they quickly notice the superfast connection. 

If you put it all together, superfast Business Fibre broadband simply makes sense. It will let your business benefit from new digital services and future-proof it for whatever tomorrow brings. It’s reliable and cost-effective. And with TalkTalk Business, you also get exceptional, 24/7 support on top that’s rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot – the highest of all tier 1 providers. 

Fibre’s the future, and it’s time to upgrade. Want to find out more about superfast Business Fibre from TalkTalk Business? Click here.

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