An insider’s guide to 10Gb leased lines: How it’s preparing businesses for the future

IT Directors across the UK are talking about 10Gb business internet. So what’s all the fuss about? Put simply, 10Gb helps organisations bring their employees and their tech together with unbelievably fast connections. And this matters, because these speeds are allowing businesses to prepare for the future and meet ever-increasing bandwidth demands. 

Cloud-driven growth and an increased use of SaaS will eventually demand 10Gb connectivity, so why not get ahead of the curve?

As the experts in leased line and ethernet solutions, the team at TalkTalk Business thought it’d be a good idea to take you behind the scenes of 10Gb connectivity to give you an easy-to-understand overview about what this service means for future-proofing.  

What exactly is 10Gb business internet? 

10Gb is incredibly fast internet that operates through dedicated leased lines – known sometimes as Ethernet or Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). It’s internet that’s exclusively for your business.  

A leased line is a bit like having a VIP internet line – there’s no sharing with the masses. And as with all leased lines, a 10Gb connection is symmetrical and uncontended, which means your download and upload speeds are the same, and they’ll always be consistent, even at peak times. 

Why should a business care about a leased line that can power 10Gb connectivity? 10Gb bandwidth satisfies even the most data-hungry business needs. So whether you’re an SME or an enterprise-sized company, 10Gb is perfect for handling hefty files, powering up multiple devices that need to connect to each other, or holding large amounts of data on cloud-based services. 

10Gb connectivity is already making waves across industries that have large data requirements or need to transfer media files almost instantly. As a service, 10Gb is going to have more pick-up in the years to come as businesses and users need more bandwidth.

Businesses who don’t want to limit their potential, or those that have a need for blazingly fast speeds, should consider the move to 10Gb. But for operations that aren't likely to need the dizzying speeds of 10Gb, a 1Gb leased line will do the trick. 

How does a 10Gb leased line future-proof your business? 

At TalkTalk Business, we’re perfectly positioned to future-proof your business for the challenges of tomorrow. We’re proud to be a provider that combines technologies that not only brings you unparalleled speeds with 10Gb, but also enhanced reliability and security.

Here are some of the top ways that 10Gb connectivity allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve: 

Cloud-Ready Bandwidth: As more and more businesses embrace cloud-based apps and SaaS, they need bandwidth that matches their ambitions. Imagine a time when all your business-critical apps respond instantaneously, with no more lagging loading screens or waiting for apps to open... that time could be now! 

Seamless Remote Work: When on-premises devices are business critical, such as CCTV or payment tills, a 10Gb connection can enable those devices to communicate with remote workers and systems off-site, at a much faster rate due to quicker upload speeds. 

Scalability: By adopting a 10Gb leased line, organisations can gain scalability opportunities for when they experience data volume growth or a need for more bandwidth. The flexibility of a 10Gb network infrastructure allows companies to start with a lower speed, such as 2Gb, and scale this in line with increasing business demands.

Bulletproof Applications: Zoom, Microsoft 365, Salesforce – apps like these keep your business ticking. A high-availability 10Gb/s network ensures they’re always on. No hiccups, no downtime – just uninterrupted productivity. This is more important than you think. The need for even just core business applications to work as they should is still of major importance to IT leaders. In a recent survey we completed, we unsurprisingly found that 95% of IT leaders said their organisations had suffered with connectivity issues over the last 18 months. 

So there you have it – a 10Gb leased line: your ticket to a future-proof business.

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