TalkTalk Business’s growing capabilities with Cisco

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership with Cisco – TalkTalk Business has successfully achieved Premier Integrator Status, marking a pivotal step forward in our collaborative journey with the world's largest networking vendor. Achieving Premier Integrator Status is no mean feat and this accomplishment underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and services to our customers.

Enhanced Capabilities Across Cisco and Cisco Meraki

Following months of rigorous learning, our technical experts have successfully completed their formal exams and we have now significantly bolstered our internal capabilities across the Cisco and Cisco Meraki stack – notably across SD-WAN and SDN.

With our team’s technical proficiency strengthened further, TalkTalk Business is positioned as a formidable force in delivering innovative software-defined network solutions. We’re proud to deliver our services to an exceptional standard across a large footprint of enterprise customers, and all our solutions are underpinned by our secure, resilient, and flexible network.

Mark Cunningham, Pre Sales and Vendor Manager expressed his excitement for the achievement: “All of us at TalkTalk Business are delighted to have achieved Premier Integrator Status with Cisco. The business and Cisco have invested significant time and resources into maximising this relationship and are incredibly enthusiastic about the joint direction this partnership has grown and will continue to grow in the future. We’re massively appreciative of all the support the Cisco and Meraki teams have given us so far and are keen to ensure we continue to combine our capabilities for the benefit of our customers.”

Recognised, Forward-Thinking Expertise

This achievement includes recognition for TalkTalk Business’s internal technical competency and sales growth across the Cisco and Meraki portfolio. And further, we’re proud to have also been recognised for both the environmental and SMB business specialisations by Cisco, highlighting our ability to deliver sustainable, customer-first solutions across all markets.

Looking ahead, achieving Premier Integrator Status with Cisco Meraki is a testament to TalkTalk Business's unwavering dedication to excellence, technical proficiency, and the creation of customer-centric solutions. As we celebrate this milestone, we aim to add more elements to our unified offerings and managed services, continually enhancing the value we provide to our customers. If you’d like to find out more about our growing capabilities with Cisco Meraki let’s have a chat. To arrange a call back at a convenient time, click here.

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