Fast Food, Faster Internet: The Secret Ingredient for Business Success

Woman in a blue apron holding an empty wine glass in her hand. She's got the other hand on a table in a bar which has more empty glasses on it.

Hospitality consumers’ stomachs are rumbling. Not just for the most satisfying food they can find, but for an experience to match.

Providing customers with quick, easy online ordering and delivery has always been crucial to business growth and success in the fast-food sector. But, with more consumers using apps and websites as part of a variety of hospitality experiences, it’s essential that all businesses have the right digital infrastructure in place to meet the demand.

Hospitable digital experiences

The pandemic turbo-charged the trend for booking, menu-browsing, ordering, paying and reviewing to all be fulfilled digitally. But traditional network infrastructure hails from an era when the notepad and pen underpinned hospitality service. 

Your network and connectivity needs the speed and resilience to support strong, slick digital experiences. No matter how smart your waiters’ attire or your establishment’s decor, a clunky online service can not only put a generous tip out of the question, but can leave an unpleasant aftertaste that dissuades returning customers.

Helping logistics go down more easily

Robust, rapid connectivity is also fundamental to hospitality businesses streamlining their operations and supporting multiple business functions. From managing orders and inventory to processing payments and communicating with suppliers, by automating these processes, businesses can work faster, smarter and more efficiently. This gives staff more opportunities to focus on delivering high-quality food and an exceptional customer experience.

Mouth-watering marketing

A strong online presence allows you to establish and maintain a following. Business-grade connectivity allows hospitality businesses to stay connected to their social media and digital channels, so they can efficiently drum up interest, promote special offers and deals, or respond promptly to customer feedback. With sufficient bandwidth, you don’t have to suffer delays in receiving or responding to enquiries and customer correspondence – no matter how busy you become.

Becoming the talk of the town with TalkTalk Business

To satisfy consumers’ appetites and thrive in today’s increasingly digital landscape, UK hospitality businesses need fast and reliable fibre connectivity. TalkTalk Business helps you attract and retain customers, operate more effectively and remain competitive in a demanding market.

With our network solutions, you gain the ability to adjust bandwidth whenever you need to respond to seasonal shifts; multiple back-up options and industry-leading break/fix SLAs that protect your service; and the UK’s most far-reaching network – offering access to more mobile providers and alternative networks than anyone else – to keep you connected as you grow. All on one straightforward contract. We’ve invested millions in enabling hospitality businesses to stay one step ahead of changes in your industry, and set you up for success. Find out more about how nobody backs hospitality like us.